Father’s Day Gifts At Tiger Eye Gift Shop

[CREDIT: Maria Lindsey] It's Tiger Eye Gift Shop's first Father's Day. Check out our unique Father's Day Gifts.

It’s our first Father’s Day here at Tiger Eye Gift Shop, and we’re prepared to help you make sure your dads know you think they’re special with unique, thoughtful Father’s Day Gifts for dad.

Father’s Day has been a tradition in the U.S. since 1966, when President Lyndon B. Johnson made a proclamation honoring fathers. President Richard B. Nixon made the holiday official in 1972.

We’re celebrating our first Father’s Day at Tiger Eye Gifts with a special sale – enter the promo code, ‘DAD25″ on any of our Father’s day items and you’ll get 25 percent off.

Fathers Day Gift Baskets  

We’ll have a number of Fathers Day Gifts Baskets featuring 10 items, including snacks and sweets, a plaque honoring dad, and a few feature items. Stay tuned or stop by our shop at 768 West Shore Road to browse them in person.

Beer Making Kit

This item is an attention-grabber for men the moment they’re in the door. The $35 Beer Making Kit comes complete with: New England IPA 1 Gallon, All-Grain Mix Mosaic Hops, Cascade Hops Beer Making Yeast, Glass Fermentation Jug, Thermometer Racking Cane Tubing, and Tubing Clamp Screw. Directions are included.

Spatula multi-tool

When wearing Batman’s utility belt at the grill causes a scene, you can step up to the center of the cookout confident that you’ve got a tool for whatever comes up with the Multipurpose Spatula at $17.99. This handy items pulls its weight and then some as a bottle opener, meat tenderizer, and a knife edge, all gripped with a bamboo handle.

Alcohol infusion kit

Dad can add something extra to his favorite spirits with this Alcohol Infusion Kit for $19.99. Choose from:

Navel Gazer, which combines tangy oranges with mulled spices for create a warm, classic flavor that will satisfy lovers of the classic Old Fashioned mixed drink.

Blue Sunday, A delicious mix of fruity and floral flavors, perfect for both light and dark spirits.







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