Halloween Gift Baskets, Gift Boxes, and Care Packages


Halloween Gift Baskets, Gift Boxes, and Care Packages


Ghoul Bites Halloween Candy Care Package

Ghoul bites Halloween candy care package – a spooktacular Happy Halloween gift box is filled to the brim with Halloween’s most popular sweet treats. Decorated with a festive Happy Halloween label this Halloween themed gift box will delight ghouls of all ages. This gift includes: festive Halloween gift box, acrylic pumpkin-filled w/candy, Reese’s peanut butter cup, fun size peanut m & m’s, fun size plain m & m’s, snicker’s milk chocolate pumpkin, miniature oreo cookies, 2 bags of fun shapes jacks & bats pretzels, Halloween nightmare cd, act ii popcorn ball, act ii microwave Halloween popcorn, pumpkin marshmallow peeps. Comes complete with a handmade black and orange bow. Measures 10” long by 6” wide and 9” tall.

Halloween Boo Box Care Package

Something spooky to savor and bursting with flavor is just what all the goblins ordered on Halloween. Filled to the rim with Halloween treats and a few tricks everyone on your list will enjoy the delicious white cheddar popcorn, assorted chocolates and tricks we’ve included in the festive Halloween care package. This gift includes: Halloween boo box, white cheddar popcorn, fun dips candy, Halloween marshmallow peeps, grandma’s cookies, tgi Fridays potato skin chips, fluffy stuff cotton candy, goldfish crackers, cracker jacks popcorn, Oreo cookies, 2 baggies Halloween jacks & bats pretzels, boo gift box filled with 12 assorted fun size chocolates, 6″ plush pumpkin ghost, fun size plain m & m candies, fun size peanut m & m candies, Halloween bubbles, ghost porcupine character, ghost pop up toy, ghost mini kick ball, Halloween swirly lollipop, nerds candies, 2 mini Hershey milk chocolate bars. Gift box measures 12x12x10 and weighs 4 pounds complete.
Made in United States of America

Halloween Candy Crush Care Package

Send some Halloween goodies to your favorite trick or treater with this candy crush gift box. It is packed with a spell binding selection of favorite candies do you know a little goblin that has a big crush on candy? This delicious Halloween gift box is the perfect gift for all those teenagers on your list that think they’re too old to trick or treat anymore. It’s a wonderful and thoughtful college student gift or a loved one far away, they’re all sure to gobble this gift right up!
Made in United States of America

Halloween Fun & Games Gift Box

Kid loved and mom-approved this fun and games Halloween gift box is great for kids of all ages. Filled with hours of fun and treats to enjoy all Halloween night long. Great gift for children ages 5 to 15. The Halloween fun & games gift box includes: white cheddar popcorn, Halloween coloring book, Halloween glow toy, silly string, light up puffer ball, monster stress ball, bubbles, chattering teeth, 12 pc sheet Halloween sticker sheets, checkers game set, drop disc game set, Halloween horror cd, marshmallow eyeball, Halloween marshmallow peeps, cracker jacks, Twizzlers, ghouls box filled with 24 assorted Halloween candies. This comes wrapped in cellophane and is topped with a handmade bow. This gift measures 9x6x14 and weighs 4 pounds.

Halloween Goodies Gift Box

Tasty treats and cuddly bears fill this fun Halloween goody gift box. Our little happy Halloween teddy bear carries a festive pumpkin and is surrounded by a ton of scrumptious treats. The Halloween goodies gift box includes: peeps marshmallow pumpkins, Oreos mini Halloween cookies, m & m’s milk chocolate, Reese’s peanut butter cups, Hershey’s marshmallow cream filled pumpkins, nerds candy rope, nerds candies, skeleton gummies (2), tootsie roll minis box, happy Halloween teddy bear, Hershey’s miniatures assorted candy bars 6 pc, miniature kit kat wafer bar, and black gift box.

Halloween Tricks & Treats Gift Pail

Playful jack-o-lantern holds tricks or treats for all the ghouls and goblins on your list. Our tricks or treats Halloween jack-o-lantern includes candy, popcorn and a teddy bear candy gift basket makes a great party favor. The jack-o-lantern measures 8 inches in diameter x 9 inches high includes: assorted Hershey’s miniatures candy bars, peanut m&m’s, plain m&m’s, skittles candies, candy corn, Twizzlers, microwave popcorn, marshmallow pumpkins, Reese’s, starbursts, Hershey milk chocolate bar, and festive Halloween teddy bear.

Scaredy Cats Halloween Gift Box

This exclusively designed gift box features a frightfully delicious assortment of the best Halloween sweets and treats from our baskateers. Don’t shy away from all the chocolaty goodness in this Halloween gift box, our two little scaredy cats need a new home! The Scaredy Cats Halloween Gift Box includes: Halloween pretzels, Halloween cheese puffs, Halloween scaredy cat marshmallow peeps, M & M cookies, Happy Halloween popping candy w/ dipping Styx, Cracker Jacks, Frosted Halloween cat lollipop, Halloween swirl sucker, frosted Halloween pumpkin lollipop, Halloween coffin filled with bone candy, Halloween theme box filled with 24 assorted Halloween candies, two plush black scaredy cats. This gift comes closed like a care package and is hand tied with a bow. Gift measures 8x4x4 and weighs 3 pounds.
Made in United States of America



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