Clarity Roller Blend


Clarity Roller Blend

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Clarity | roller Notes top: fresh + citrusy | mid: zesty + warm| base: earthy + spicy Clarity blend was made to help you feel more clear-headed with its grounding and earthy scent, it can help you relax during meditation for greater inner peace. Let its calming aroma create a sense of harmony and balance within. Carrier oil: 100% cocos nucifera – fractionated Essential oils (7.5% dilution): Bergamot Patchouli Blood orange Sage Frankincense Thyme Ylang ylang Orange Bottle info: 10 ml amber glass, steel roller ball, black cap To use: roll on pulse points such as wrists, inside elbows, temples, bend of knee, ankles, soles of feet, back of neck. Or just give it a good whiff when needed 🙂


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