Heart Chakra Crystals


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In the Heart Chakra Crystals bundle, we include five crystals that are known to balance and support the heart chakra that is associated with emotional balance, love, and positive relations. Rose Quartz -love, relationship harmony, attracting love, emotional balance Unakite -heart healing, overcoming loss, supporting grief, compassion, kindness Rhodonite -releasing blocked fear, healing heart trauma, compassion, forgiveness, restoring faith Rhodochrosite -self love, loving others, lifting depression, restoring a positive outlook Green Aventurine – energetic protection for the heart, comfort and healing, vitality Each bundle also comes with a keepsake bag and a cute little card explaining the crystal properties. * Healing crystal energy for soothing your nerves, reducing stress and anxiety and promoting a calm, peaceful state * Exclusively curated by Certified Crystal Healer, Sarah Belle * Makes a perfect gift for anyone interested in holistic living and raising their
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