Pinnochio Puppet Theater Book and Playset


Pinnochio Puppet Theater Book and Playset

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Read about Pinocchio’s transformation from mischievous puppet to real boy in the included “Pinocchio’s Puppet Theater” Storybook. Pinocchio leaves home for a adventure, until a magical fairy reminds him of the loving father he left behind. Pinocchio returns home to Geppetto, this time as a real boy! And together, with the help of his new sister, they open a Puppet Theater to tell the tales of past and new adventures. Pieces in this Playset become actual marionettes! All pieces are made from Storytime’s unique combination of premium yoga/baby mat material (EVA foam) and high quality card stock. The Theater and characters fit together like a 3-D puzzle and fold flat in a portable carrying case, conveniently designed to fit on your bookshelf. Assembling the set is as easy as pressing tabs into place!


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