Vinrella Wine Bottle Umbrellas


Vinrella Wine Bottle Umbrellas



Vinrella is a family owned business started nine years ago by Sheri and Paul Hammonds with daughter, Nicole as our Art Director. We realized that someone needed to solve the problem of what to do with a rain drenched umbrella. No one likes trails of drops on the floor, a wet car seat, or a soggy mess at your feet in a restaurant or movie theater. Our proprietary and unique no drip design seals your wet umbrella away in the bottle to keep you and your belongings dry. Our bottles are the perfect gift for the deserving wine lover or someone that just appreciates cool design and functionality. You may wonder what happens to the wet umbrella in the bottle. Of course, after use, you’ll want to air dry the umbrella within 24 hours.

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Burgundy, Coastal Days, Emmeline, Estate, Floral Fantasy, Leopard Print, Misty Spirits, Pineapple Punch, Rose Wine, Seaside, Spot On Dog, Tropical Paradise


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