Vintage Games – Riddles, Trivia, Categories, and Mysteries




From our Clarendon’s Vintage Game Collection.


​80 Cards

2 or more Players

Ages: 10 and up


Brain Elixir

After-Dinner Riddles

Players race to be the first to collect five cards -or correct answers- to these clever riddles.

Cunning Concoction

Bluff Trivia

Players take turns asking each other questions. If a player believes another’s answer is wrong, they call “Challenge!” Players outfox one another by bluffing, whether they know the answers or not!

Merriment Mixture

Categories Game

After being given a topic, players take turns rapidly listing items in that category. If they repeat another player’s answer, or don’t answer quickly enough, they’re out!

Mystery Tonic

One Minute Mysteries

In less than one minute, players will hear a succinct mystery. As clues are revealed, players must use their deductive skills and quick wit to correctly solve the mystery before anyone else can.

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Riddles, Mysteries, Categories, Trivia


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