Wildflower Honey 16oz


Wildflower Honey 16oz


There’s a reason why our Traditional Wildflower Honey comes in a squeeze bottle – it pours faster! This 100% pure wildflower honey is carefully harvested for its coveted floral sweetness and caramel color. This honey is the foundation for our whipped and infused honeys and makes the perfect addition to any kitchen pantry. 16oz comes in a family friendly plastic squeeze jar with flip-top lid. Add to your morning smoothie Make an easy parfait by layering yogurt, honey, granola and fresh fruit Replace maple syrup on pancakes and waffles Spread over fresh grapefruit or grapefruit sections … broil until just bubbly

About Cloister Honey

Based In Charlotte, North Carolina

We found beekeeping in a wildly creative, out-of-the-box, Christmas gift kind of way and Cloister Honey was born. We’re dedicated to preserving the incredible flavor and healthful benefits of natural honey. Why do we care so much? The obvious reason is taste. Nature has done her job so well, we want to preserve the goodness. Our philosophy goes beyond honey. We believe that being connected to nature keeps life grounded and helps us develop a greater ability to find joy in simple pleasures.


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