Quarantine Postcards and Greeting Cards from Rhino Parade

We are excited to offer new Greeting cards and Quarantine Post Cards!  These cards are unique and different from your average card as they feature original artwork Rhino Parade.  Send someone you love and could use a boost a postcard or Greeting card today!  We will even stamp, write something inside, and mail for you! (additional fees apply) https://tigereyegiftshop.com/product/greeting-cards-from-rhino-parade/



Founded at the end of 2016, Rhino Parade is a paper good + gift company based in Brooklyn. With an ebullient aesthetic, founder and illustrator Lisa Mohar has created a 200+ product line to celebrate, empower, encourage, and support others. She designs for those who likes their cuteness with a good amount of boldness, can always find a reason to laugh, and navigate the world with a confident march. Rhino Parade’s products are inspired by bright colors found in her neighborhood, decent jokes, unique female perspectives, and mid-century illustration. All Rhino Parade paper goods are professionally printed in the USA, with cards being printed in state. We make an effort to seek out environmentally friendly partners whenever possible. Like a parade, we’re bright and fun and here to help you celebrate. Our fans & friends use our products to celebrate, encourage, and support others, and as a brand, we feel a need to actively do the same for our communities. We also believe that we have a responsibility to promote an inclusive spirit of happiness and love for everyone.

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