This week’s Roarin Deal is on all graduation gifts are 20% with coupon code Grad2020.


The class of 2020 is celebrating their graduation in a very unique way with all that is going on. That is no reason they should not feel special and proud of their accomplishment. At TigerEye, we understand the economic challenges and simply logistic issues with let your graduate know how proud you are. This why we offer very affordable party supplies and balloons. whether the party is for 5 or 15 people, at least they feel special with a themed party for around $20.

grad party

While social distancing is a concern, we will deliver any gift to your graduate for $6 flat. If it’s in Warwick, give us a call and we will waive the fee. We want your business and we know every dollar counts.

My suggestions for High School graduates would be something useful, like a phone charger for your car or a 15 in one survival tool that can fit right in your wallet


A college graduate would love an aroma therapy necklace or bracelet as a reminder to remain calm and stress less. It will also serve as a reminder of what they accomplished whenever they see it.


Unsure of what your nephew or niece, grandchild, or god child likes? Get them a little of everything with a gift basket. our gift baskets vary in price and size but they all contain various items your graduate will be sure to enjoy! For example, Graduation basket A contains Popcorn bowl, caramel popcorn, sugar wafers, metal sign, stuffed gorilla, chocolate bar, febreeze, candle, dels lemonade, and a hot chocolate stick and sells for $44.99.


Lastly, if you want to even just send a card, we will sign and mail for you, completely contactless. We suggest a lovepop ($13) but we have many other graduation cards as well for $2.49.


Congrats to all 2020 Graduates, you did it despite a pandemic, you achieved your goals and the best is yet to come!


First of all, thank you for visiting my store, whether online or in person.  Roarin Deals will be a feature where I will introduce new product offerings, Flash sales, and gift suggestions.  But first, a little about TigerEye Gift Shop.

The first question everyone asks is why the name?  The tiger eye meaning is willpower, determination and motivation, both mentally and physically. A Tiger’s eye is symbolic of moving us towards our highest state.  My mother and grandmother were always big on superstition and symbolism.  When creating the gift shop, I asked my mom for ideas and TigerEye stuck as a way to honor both my mom and my late grandmother.  It also holds special meaning as I, and many others, have overcome many obstacles put in our way, (Covid-19 just the latest example) and got through it with sheer willpower, determination and motivation, both mentally and physically.

The second question is why a gift shop?  This past Christmas, I vowed to shop local and support small business.  Target and Wal-Mart are always crowded, ordering off Amazon seems like the easy way out, and I always like to buy a gift that’s unique, different and thoughtful.  I went to numerous stores and just couldn’t find anything to meet my criteria.  I have learned that if I am having an issue, many others might be having the same issue as well.  I hope the Gift Shop can solve that problem.  I know it will for me.

The last, most popular question- what do you sell?   I try to have something for everyone.  Whether its grandma, dad, a new baby, or a teenager, I hope to have something anyone and everyone can enjoy.  I also try to purchase from other small businesses throughout the United States.  You may notice some items will say woman owned, small batch, eco-friendly, US made, and other values.  I also realize not everyone has a big budget for some of those items and I offer value priced items as well for those that want to get something small like a craft, candy, small toy, or a card.  Our best seller are our gift baskets.  We can make any type of basket for any price range and occasion.  Send us an email, text, or phone call and we will work with you to create a great, one of a kind gift.  Our inventory will constantly change based on deals, availability and customer demand, so always check us out when searching for a gift.

A little about me, the owner.  My name is Ronald Amore Jr and I live in Smithfield, RI with my 7 year old daughter Olivia and my father, Ron Sr.  I was born and raised in Cranston, moved to Warwick after high school and then settled in Smithfield.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and own Amore Accounting Services while working for the Town of Smithfield in the Tax Collector’s office.  I play volleyball, softball, and bowl (in my spare time).  I am a die-hard Miami Dolphins fan but please do not hold that against me.

We look forward to serving the city of Warwick and the state of Rhode Island and hope you will check out the new Gift Shop, whether online or in person.  We are located at 768 West Shore Road in Warwick.  The website is  Our email is  The phone number to use is 401-480-1694.  We offer pick-up and delivery.  If you can’t see your friends or family for their birthday but still want to send a gift, we will deliver your order for you!

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