Sunshine Gift Baskets

NEW GIFT BASKETS in store now!

Our August basket of the month is our Sunshine Baskets as well as our Seaside Basket!

Brighten someone’s day with these bright and fun baskets to make someone smile and brighten their day!

A $39.99
Seaside basket

2 shattered proof by the sea wine glasses
Bottle of sea shells
Frappe mix
Milano cookies
Beef jerky
Aroma fragrance oil necklace
Fragrance oil

B $29.99
Hidden puzzle book

Lays Stax
Beef Jerky
Water crackers
EUGY Sloth
Dream catcher DYI
Milano cookies
Planter Almonds
Dog. Magnetic puzzle

C $29.99


Lays potato stax
Beef jerky
Hidden puzzle book
Water crackers
Smithsonian B 29 bomber
EUGY Giraffe puzzle
Solar Magnetic puzzle Milano cookies
Planters peanuts

D $29.99

Sudoku puzzle
Lays Stax
Beef Jerky
Water crackers
EUGY Kangaroo
Smithsonian T Rex
Milano cookies
U S magnetic puzzle
Planter peanuts

Order online and save 20% with code “August”

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