Sweet Pete’s Candy Fall Flavored Chocolate Bars

ENJOY our new chocolate bars created by the candy Mad Scientist known as Sweet Pete.

Sweet Pete’s is the largest candy store in the southeast. Located in an historic 22,000 square foot mansion in the heart of downtown Jacksonville, Sweet Pete’s not only offers thousands of varieties of candy and hand crafted chocolates, but we bring guests into the candy making experience. Each day, Sweet Pete’s hosts candy classes, parties and field trips where candy lovers from all over learn about candy. Families and friends come to Sweet Pete’s to taste great candy and share a unique experience.
Sweet Pete’s produces and offers a near endless variety of candy. In addition to their famous sea salt caramels, cherry cordials, toffee, and rocky road, they provide gluten free, vegan, retro candy as well. Sweet Pete has been a candy maker for over 30 years and is passionate about candy. All candy is produced or selected by Sweet Pete himself.

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