What’s an Eugy?

What is an Eugy?  (information from Quick and Easy Creature Building with Cardboard Models from Eugy (geekmom.com)

Eugy is a range of build-it-yourself 3D cardboard models from New Zealand firm Dodoland which are environmentally friendly, easy to put together, and cute as heck. There is a wide range of creatures you can build in the Eugy line including dinosaurs, sea life, jungle animals, and fantasy beings such as mermaids and dragons. The availability of creatures does depend on your location with a more limited range currently available in the US and the UK.

What’s in the Box?

In your Eugy model box, you’ll find:

  • Punch Sheets with all Model Parts and Guide Piece
  • Tube of Glue
  • Eye Beads
  • Instruction Sheet

How Do You Build Eugy?

Eugy models are built using a clever method which makes them super easy to fit together. The models are built in two halves by layering each piece onto the larger one before it using a guide piece which fits through the narrow slot on each piece. Non-toxic glue is used to bind each layer to those beside it.

Who Will Eugy Appeal To?

Eugy is recommended for age six plus, and I can see it being popular with kids right through to adults—I personally have my eye on at least four other Eugy models that I want to build myself! Because they are so easy to build, your kids will probably be able to put the models together without help, which will help the appeal a lot, and thanks to the wide variety of different models available, there’s something for everyone in the sets.

Should I Buy Eugy?

We built our Eugy model over about 45 minutes* one afternoon during a school break, and it is this kind of occasion that these models are perfect for. The models take long enough to build that they can fill up a spare hour during a rainy afternoon, but not so long that even the most screen-addicted kids will become bored whilst putting it together. The glue dries very fast too, which means that your Eugy model can be built in one sitting; we all know how quickly interest fades when something has to be left to dry, so this is a huge plus point for these kits.


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